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Breast Reconstruction with Mastopexy by Dr. Leveque



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This patient underwent breast reconstruction with Pensacola Plastic Surgeon Dr. Jocelyn Leveque.  The patient had previously underwent a right breast mastectomy.  She came to see Dr. Leveque about reconstructing the right breast and lifting the left breast to add symmetry and proportion.  Dr. Leveque placed a tissue expander in the right breast and, at the same time, performed a mastopexy on the left side.  The tissue expander was filled until the size matched the left breast.  Later, the tissue expander was replaced with a silicone filled breast implant.  Finally, the patient underwent nipple reconstruction and also fat transfer to the right reconstructed breast to add fullness and to smooth out the breast.  The patient was very pleased with her final results from the procedures.    

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